NIC - National Integration Center

National Integration Center is also the center for top class sports as well as for the talented youth in the dance sport in a wheelchair, which has a nation-wide in nature and is operated in conjunction with HM "DANUBE" in Bratislava.

The main aim of the Citizens' Association HM "DANUBE" Bratislava is a regular and systematic integration activities through art and creative activities in the field of visual arts and motion throughout the year in one area and that is the National Integration CENTER (Batkova street.2, Bratislava - Dúbravka).

After 10 years of our intensive work in the field Arte therapy, dance and rehabilitation for people with disabilities, we got the possibility to institutionalize a place all our activities. We've created a room for year-round intensive work with all stakeholders. In the center of national integration is realized, besides traditional dance Arte therapy activities and many other types of therapies - aromatherapy, hydrotherapy, Music therapy, ergotherapy, massage, hydro, teach computing and the Internet. Part of the Center is also Internet cafe, where serve wheelchair users.

NIC is located in Bratislava - Dúbravka on Batkova street. 2.

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