About Us

Civic Association SLOVAK wheelchair dance sport federation (SZTŠV) came in July of 2001 to implement the rehabilitation and sports activities for disabled people - wheelchair users. SZTŠV specializes in integrated directly Paralympic discipline - in a wheelchair dance sport (competitive social dancing in a wheelchair), involving a direct integration by one of dance partners is in a wheelchair and the other is healthy - pedestrian.

The Slovak Republic became the 23rd country in the world, which made this kind of Paralympic sport. At present our members a terminal dance clubs: HM "DANUBE" Bratislava, HM "Anita" Žarnovica, TK Ellegance Košice, MV Dance sutdio Prešov, TK "Bridges" Žiar nad Hronom. The center is the top sport on behalf of HM SZTŠV became "DANUBE" in Bratislava.

Since 2002, we do the formations in standard dances in a wheelchair. During the year we realize professional training camps of state representation in which we have integrated 14 couples. We also co-organize the national and international events devoted to dance with different handicapped people in cooperation with HM "DANUBE" in Bratislava.

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