Welcome to the Slovak wheelchair dance sport federation



Welcome to the website SZTŠV who founded a wheelchair dance sport in Slovakia as well as

in Canada, the UK, Austria.

We just returned from Malta Competition Dance Spectacular 2014 where our

representatives brought a number of medals :)


In 2015, still ahead of the competition:

Open Championship Great Britain - Manchester 2015

British Open - London 2015



On 30th June in Manchester were competition in different categories in wheelchair dance sport. On this event were participating couples from lot of world contries and from Slovakia too with big succes like everytime...



Vojtech Volf a Kristína Ráczová - 2nd place LWD II LAT TOP

Martin Dait a Dagmar Palovčíková - 2nd place LWD I LAT TOP

Jaroslav Turošík a Dominika Šoltésová - 1st place LWD I LAT CONTINUE                    





All the judges and coaches have attended the relevant theoretical and practical training and examination in wheelchair dance sport.



List of our success

Thanks to our efforts to combine great dancers with dancers in a wheelchair has become a leader in Slovakia in wheelchair dance sport sections in the standard dances...


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